About Us

Forager Floral is a project created by Katherine Raz, founder of The Fernseed, Tacoma-based plant shop, and Oriana Di Fede, a Tacoma-based floral designer. 

This business started with a simple question: if we make flower arrangements for sale at The Fernseed for Valentine's Day, what makes our arrangements different from what you can get at the fancy grocery store down the road?


We thought we might be able to differentiate ourselves if we offered something grown organically, from local farmers. But was that even a thing? 

So we threw ourselves into research around the business of flowers, asking questions that even Oriana, with her years of experience working for a floral wholesaler and in the flower business as an independent designer, had never thought to ask. Questions like: where do most of the flowers we buy in the United States come from? What is the impact of the floral industry on the environment? Is there an alternative to wrapping bouquets in plastic?

What we've come up with is a business model that makes it easy for our customers to make choices about buying flowers that don't feel like a compromise.

Our arrangements:

  • are predominantly sourced from Washington, to support local farmers and rural economies locally first
  • always include a fact sheet on where each stem was sourced, down to the farm name when we have it available (and we usually do)
  • are sourced from farms that adhere to fair labor practices or is Certified Fair Trade
  • are wrapped in materials that are 100% recyclable or compostable

We believe that customers want to purchase flowers without creating a negative impact on worker heath and the health of our planet. And we want to make those arrangements available on a regular basis to people who live in Tacoma.